Here is just a small example of the Selection we offer

. All our  dishes  are individually  made in house, from scratch using freshest  seasonal ingredients, with no use of monosodium glutamate.

Again this is just an idea of what we can offer, because all our cooking

is  housemaid ,we can make pretty much  do anything you would

dream of.


Our list of Hors d’oeuvre is always improving, following new Trends, Season or

Diet needs please do not hesitate to question if  you do not see some

you really  have to have for your event.

~ Sesame Crusted Chicken Tender

~ Spinach and Cheese Tartelette

~ Spicy Beef Empanadas

~ Gingered  Chicken  Cakes with Cilantro Lime Mayonnaise

~ Polenta Crostini with Blue Cheese and Balsamic Onions

~ Devil Eggs with Mushrooms and  Flying Fish Caviar

~ Celery Barquettes with Gorgonzola Cheese and Walnuts

~ Portobello Mushroom Strudel with  Feta Cheese

~ Classic Shrimp Cocktail  in Home Made Puffs

~ Mini Spinach and Portobello Quiche

~ Mini Crab Ball with Remoulade sauce

~ Cucumber Cups Filled with Devil Crab meat Cocktailt.

~ Baked Brie Cheese  “ en croute”  ( serve 25p )

~ Basket of Crispy Crudite with Bacon, Chive Dip  ( serve 35p )

~ Assorted Cheese  Platter  with fresh fruits

~ Fresh Fruit Salad in Carved Watermelon Basket

~ Lamb Phillo with Eggplant and Pine nuts

~ Sesame Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Sauce

~ Homemade Apple Turkey Sausage in Puff Pastry

~   Brie Cheese in Phyllo with Apricot Chutney

~ Cheese polenta with Tomato Compote and Capers

~  Spinach and Feta Tartlets with Toasted Pinenuts

~   Salmon Cakes with Horseradish and Creme Fraiche

~   French Crepes filled with Spinach and Ricotta Cheese

~   Marinated Grilled Zucchini  filled with Homemade Boursin

~   Tomato Basket with Crab Salad Old bay Seasoning

~ French Onion Tart with Mustard Oil




~ Classic Caesar salad  with  home made dressing and garlic croutons

~ Tender Leaves with Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

~ Roasted  Beet Salad with   Tender Greens

~   Grilled Tomatoes and Goat Cheese Salad  with Pesto

~ Two Lentils Salad with Cumin Coriander Vinaigrette

~ Heart of  Romaine with Pinenut and Gorgonzola

~ Barley and   Sundried Tomato Salad

~ Carrots and Raisins Salad

~ Oriecchiette Seafood Pasta Salad

~ Spicy Local Corn Chowder  with Apple Wood Smoked Bacon

~ Corn and Crab Chowder ….

~ Fresh  Tomato  Bisque with Basil Pesto

~ Chilled Vichyssoise with  Croutons

~ Potage of Asparagus with Smoked Salmon Quenelle

~ Wild Mushroom Bisque with Scallion

~ Curried Carrot Soup with Chicken and Coconut



~ Julienne of Beef Tenderloin with Portobello and Domestic Mushrooms

~ Petit Filet of Beef Tenderloin with Cabernet Sauvignon Sauce

~ Petit Filet of Beef Stroganoff with Mushrooms and Brandy Sauce

~ Roasted  Strip Sirloin filled with Spinach, Madeira Sauce

~ Cajun Ribeye Roast with Onions « Tobacco »

~ Beef Bourguignon with Roasted Mushrooms

~  Coulibiac of Salmon with Saffron Rice, Spinach and Mushrooms  wrapped in Brioche Dough. Champagne  Sauce

~ Orange Horseradish Crusted Fillet of Salmon with Citrus Sauce

~ Chilled Medallion of  Salmon with Petite Green Lentils and Marinated Vegetables

~ Asian Marinated Fillet of Salmon with Sesame Crust

~ Homemade Maryland Crab Cakes …….

~ Sautéed  Shrimps Provencale with Garlic, Tomatoes and Herbs

~ Coconut Tilapia Fillet with  Thai Curry Sauce

~ Artichoke and Crab meat Casserole

~ Peppery Grilled Tuna Steak with Orange Beurre  Blanc



~ Pan Roasted Skinless Breast of Chicken with Bay Shrimps and Chardonnay Sauce

~ Coq au Vin  with Apple wood Smoked Bacon

~ Grilled Chicken  Breast with Roasted Pinenut and Basil Sauce

~ Piccatta of  Boneless Chicken Breast with tomato Basil Coulis

~ Chicken  Cordon Bleu with Back Forest Ham and Swiss Cheese

~ Chicken .and Seafood Jambalaya. with Creole Rice

~ Chicken. »Basquaise  » with Peppers ,Zucchini and Onions

~ Curry Chicken with Light Coconut Sauce

~ Chicken Marsala

~ Piccatta of Pork Loin, Served with a Lemon capers Butter Sauce

~ Marinated Roasted Pork Loin with Rosemary and Dry Fruit Stuffing

~ Pan Roasted Pork  Tenderloin with Raspberry, Balsamic Glaze



~ Penne Pasta with Mild Italian Sausage and Roasted Bell Peppers

~ Pasta Primavera

~ Lasagna  » Al forno » with Lean Ground Beef , Homemade Tomato and Bechamel Sauce

~ Orzo Saffron  Pasta with Cranberries and Toasted Almonds

~ Classic Macaroni and Cheese with Black Forest Ham

~ Duo of  Crab cake and Medallion of Beef Tenderloin. Bordelaise and Chardonnay Sauce

~ Trio of Lamb Chop, Petit Filet, and Chicken  with Shiraz Shallot Sauce

~ Duo of Salmon and Chicken « New Hampshire » (Crab meat and Mushroom )




~ Bow Tie Pasta with Cilantro Pesto Fresh Peas and Roasted  Portobello Mushrooms

~ Spinakopita with Spinach, Ricotta and Feta Cheese in Phillo

~ Curried  Lentils Samossa with Yogurt Coriander Sauce

~ Roasted Curried Cauliflower  Empanadas

~ Grilled Vegetable Lasagna

~ Seasonal Bouquetiere of Vegetable,

~ Gratin Of Potatoes with Swiss Cheese and Herbs.

~ Steamed Parsley Red Skin Potatoes

~ White and Wild Rice Pilaf

~ Braised Red Cabbage with Apple  Cinnamon and Bacon

~ Risottos ( Saffron, Spinach, Asparagus )

~ Garlic Mashed Potatoes

~ Oven Roasted Rosemary Potatoes




~ Bitter Sweet Chocolate Walnut Tart

~ Medley of Fresh Fruit in Ginger Snap Tuile with Sabayon

~ Chocolate Mousse Meringue Cake Sauce

~ Seasonal French  Fruit Tart

~ Tiramisu. with Mascarpone and Dark Rum

~ Apple Crisp with Vanilla Anglaise Sauce

~ Blueberry Cobbler